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Debris series

 I look at continuous images from my news feed that eventually become white noise. We all consume news daily. Sooner or later it becomes a place of discomfort and fiction, filtering the real destruction of places far away from our day-to-day lives.

The artistically slow process of embroidery results in having to look closely at every stitch. I pause and observe in the images the sheer deconstruction from what was a home and safe place.

Scattering Stitch to translate the immense ruins, I can see  where vibrant inhabitants dwelled. I can feel the life that was there a moment ago, now replaced by ghost like images. Will they come back? Did anyone survive? What is next? Are those the places from where the refugees come?

 I am adding to this series of Debris.


Year: started in 2019

Material: Fiberglass window screen, Aluminum, embroidery cotton threads and 4” nails. 

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