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Nomadic Views

Nomadic Views initiated in Hawai'i, with Puunani,  stitching the view from my window, in Honolulu. Outing my internal filter, I embroider large window screens where threads casting shadows and the screen printed map interactions are part of the experience. Using my internal filter, I embroider what my mind sees, ignoring many elements. I translate my filtered views onto the window screen, a domestic item often unnoticed and part of the habitation of some of the countries I lived in. We forget it distorts the view as it filters it. This element was visible to me at first, yet it became invisible with time.

​I am continuously adding to this series.


Contact me using the form to commission a Nomadic  View 

Year: Ongoing since 2007

Material: Fiberglass window screen, Aluminum frame, embroidery cotton threads, 4" nails  and map screen printed on wall. 

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