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Art residencies

The residencies I offer are community builders, reaching various socioeconomic and diverse groups. Students develop an understanding of Fiber art as a tool to bridge communities. They look at contemporary issues and learn to use fiber art techniques to engage with the community. The students explore the silk road and notice the connection with materials, symbols, and practices from worlds apart. Students become mediators, inviting participants to leave marks on Nomadic Art Panels as they host embroidery sessions.  


Nomadic Art Panels is an international community art project that started in Panamá in 2014 where participants slowly embroider on cloth panels with others.  This has been done in France and Hawaii as well.

I can conduct the residencies in French, English, Spanish & Arabic.

Contact me to have your school community or organization become part of a residency like no other, our nomadic journey!

Apply if you are interested.

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