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Nomadic Art Net

Started in 2007, the  U.S. military mosquito net tent, is representative of the post 9/11 climate and sentiment toward the others, migrants or refugees . The mosquito net creates an illusory shelter, while its lightness emphasizes nomadic life, mobile and exposed to the elements. I embrace my otherness addressing transition, alienation, and seek to build a sense of  place and a community.

What is a body of work that is never complete and continuous ?

I am a facilitator storyteller when inviting people to embroider with me on Nomadic Art Net  in various settings, like homes, barrios, hospitals, harbors, camping, markets, massage parlors, stores, galleries, art institutions, parks, shelters... 

The marks on the Nomadic Art Net are a narration of its travels to places I lived or traveled to during the sessions.


​Nomadic Art Net is a two components installation. One is bearing the marks of embroidery sessions, the other documenting them in a video, a multi-languages collage recognizing the handworks contributions. Recently a second mosquito net tent joined my journey Nomadic Art Net I

See you at our next stitching session on Nomadic Art Net.




© Original copyrighted work

Year: Ongoing since 2007

Dimensions: 76” x 48” x 54” 

Material: Nylon mosquito net tent, embroidery cotton threads, carbon fiber tent poles, cot, white sheet, and PVC elbows.


Art Net's Journey so far  :

  • Hawai'i

  • ‏Italy

  • France

  • Panama

  • US mainland

  • Thailand

  • Switzerland 

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